MyMorri is an employee portal to view the employee payslip. Morrisons Employees can access the portal through the Gmail login & can recover the password too.

The Mymorri login procedure is for my Morrisons employee who has an existing online login account in the Morrison group portal. From the homepage the registered employees and currently working associates can log in to mymorri to check their payslips, my rota schedule app, discounts, and manage the employment account with Morrison's online portal.

The simple and easy to log in mymorri employee portal of Morrisons by visiting the Morrisons official website and using the Google sign-in feature to log in with the employee email address that can be found at the Mymorri login details provided by the HR Team.

What is My Morri? Why should Morrisons employees access the website?

MyMorri Login @ | Employee Payslip

Employees can make use of this article to find out how full-time or part-time employees can Sign in Mymorri portal online the steps are provided below:

Mymorri Login Steps 1: Open Employee Portal

Here is the first step to access the employee portal - login using the official site address -

On this employee website, the manager will keep updating the latest company news, perks, epayslips, my rota Morrisons, app store app, employee work schedules, payslip details, leave of absence history, employee benefits, and other related information related to their employment.

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MyMorri Employee Login

If any employees, store managers, drivers, or engineers want to request a change in their work schedules, then they need to access the Morrisons employee login portal using Google to raise a change request or apply for vacation holidays.

Prior approval is required for Holiday leave or long vacation leaves.

MyMorri Payslip

Morrison's staff and employees can access their monthly salary slips from the dedicated employee portal ie., the MyMorri Payslip login page. Along with the paychecks, and mymorri perks, employees get weekly mymorri schedules, several benefits statuses, leave histories, and balance vacation holidays. The company regularly updates the latest happening like company decisions and promotions.

The payslip history data is only available for 18 months. If you require more than that, kindly contact the store manager.

Employees can download a payslip from the portal and take a printout from their home or workplace.

How Can Morrisons Employees access the My Morri Login page?

Employees can access the Morrisons mymorri online employee portal using the Login with Google at So each employee must register their account with the official portal. For additional help, kindly contact the HR Manager.

NOTE: ONLY the registered employees can access the Morrisons Portal Login 
ie., mymorri login uk portal that can be accessed through the official site address - www mymorri com.

Follow the below instruction to access the MyMorri login web portal for Morrison employee login address:

  1. Visit the official website of the Morrisons Employee Login portal at the
  2. Please wait for a minute, until the website loads properly. You will find a "Sign in with Google" option on the Login page.
  3. Click on the "Sign in with Google" button.
  4. Now a pop-up box will open, prompting you to enter the registered email id/username. An example of an email address is
  5. After entering the username and email address, continue to enter the password.
  6. Once the login credentials are validated, you will be redirected to the Mymorri dashboard.
  7. From the Dashboard, On the menu - My Pay, you will find Morrisons Payslip.

IMPORTANT: If there is an issue, contact the Payslip manager at 0330 041 5587

The official website of the Morrisons mymorri employee portal can be accessed at using the Login with Google username or email which looks like "<employee_name>" and its password.

Irrespective of employee position, all the employees had to access my morri com portal using the feature.

Mymorri payslip - A different option to view the historic payslip details of a particular employee, can be found on - My Pay -> Payslip that can be accessed only through the my morri login.

New Registration - Every new employee had to register with my morris login portal at and complete their job profile. Once registered, the manager will approve the application and send a notification to the registered email.

Company - Morrisons Group (& all its company)

Employee Support Number

Email Access - Employees have access to their work email through the Morrisons email login via a webmail client. And also the webmail client can be used to set up Morrison email login through the mobile app.

Enable 2-Step Verification - Employees can enable mymorri 2-step verification in the account settings.

Morrisons employees always google go to my mori search term to look for the
portal as they could easily navigate with the help of my portal.

If there is any problem while accessing the www My Morri com portal or MyMorri, we recommend the employees contact the store manager, HR Team, or Payslip manager. Even employees can get in touch with the support via contact telephone number. For any queries related to payslips, leave, or benefits, kindly contact the below-mentioned phone number.

Dial & Call - 0330-041-5587

-Employee Care Telephone number

The Helpline is open 24*7 throughout the year, 365 days a year.

About Morrisons Company:

Morrisons is one of the largest chains of the supermarket and its headquarter are located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England in the United Kingdom. The company was founded earlier in 1899 by William Morrison. At the start, the company has only one stall in Rawson Market which sells eggs and butter. The company currently has more than 500 stores across Wales, Scotland, and England.

Morrison offers a wide range of products that includes Groceries, Foods, Drinks, Clothing, Magazines, and Books. It also offers excellent discounts for customers who do online shopping at Faster 1-hour convenient delivery with great savings, bundle offers, and many discounts are applied for the postal codes that are only applicable for online shopping.

With customer login, huge quantities of grocery orders can be placed and they will be delivered within 1-hour based on the postal code. Currently, More than 150,000 employees work at Morrisons. For better convenience, the company launched an employee portal named MyMorri that provides monthly payslip, the mymorri schedule app, and vacations on the employee website portal.

Get Started to Shop with Morrisons:

Having trouble with how to shop online with Morrisons Groceries? No worries, we will try to help you with the instructions to make a purchase with Morrisons at

  • The first step, the Customer had to sign up to the online shopping portal using the email address, name, phone number, residential or delivery address, and payment option.
  • After the registration, kindly verify the email and phone number to continue shopping.
  • Import the favorite item or products based on the current offers.
  • Select the delivery slot
  • Add the essential grocery items based on the need.
  • Finally, Now check out the card and make the payment using a card or banking.

The items added to the cart will be delivered soon on the preferred date and time. Morrisons shopping online is a quick and easy way to shop online and get it delivered to your home in a simple way.

Mymorri Sign-In FAQs:

Employees have several questions related to the Morrisons login portal. All the frequently asked questions are answered by the technical team and we have shared the resources here:

1. Why is Mymorri Login Not Working :

In case the login is not working for any of the employees, it might be because you have the wrong email address or password. Kindly reverify the mymorri login page internet connection. Also, retired Morrisons employees can't access the portal.

The most common issue is that your employee email address and password might be incorrectly typed.

2. What is My Morrisons employee number?

When any employee is hired, they will be issued an id card, where the employee number will be printed on the back of the card.

3. How to download the mymorri app?

Employees are wondering how to get the mymorri app on their mobile devices. They can visit the store address to download the mymorri app from any app store such as., play store. Even mymorri apps are available for the iPhone app store.

Is there any Mymorri app? YES. There is an official app to get access to my Morrisons account login portal.

4. How to setup Mymorri?

When any employees need to set up the www mymorri com portal, they need to complete their registration, after that, they have to use the official Morrisons employee portal to log in with their official employee email address.

5. Mymorri Colleague Discount

Morrisons offer a mymorri discount card for its employees and this card can be managed through the mymorri colleague discount portal. The official address of the portal can be found at

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